Welcome to the AGWF, The Anything Goes Wrestling Federation. As you can see, anything goes. Now we were invaded about 3 years ago and we are now getting this fed back up. We are still constructing new materials to this site to make it better but why keep the show on hold while we do that. I Mr.$Money$ am so dedicated to e-fed its crazy. I take pride into e-feds and think that they are the greatest thing on the web. Last time we were up was from 200-2003 and I look to be up longer than that and become the best e-fed this time, but I need wrestlers to help me. So if you are looking for an E-Fed that doesn't bull shit and will be open for a long time and where there are really no rules then come join the AGWF.

Anything Goes wrestling Federation, is an E-fed that was created by Mr. Money in the year of 2000, and throughout the course of 3 years ran one of the top E-feds. After a while, Mr. Money had brought in a man known as Sting...who along with a few of his own guys, had started shit with other feds and created an invasion which caused Mr. Money to shut down the Federation for three years. Leaving Many superstars out of a job.

Three years went by and he decided to reopen the AGWF. Mr. Money then decided to contact all of his former superstars and had some of them advertise to other places as well. Among the first few to sign up though was a new comer by the name of Saint Eldor. After that was a returning AGWF Hall of Famer The Truth, the only other hall of famer Sting, his brother and tag partner Sayten, and Then The truths faction the suspects had its members Temperamentle (Temp T), Jlony return. Along with them were a crowd of other newcomers, who changed the face of the agwf indefinitely. Since it reopening Mr. Money has had a very Dedicated Roster, who has and will help him with anything that he asks. Who time and Time again come from no where with great promo's and who continue to surprise the entire board of directors, and mr money. Mr. Money is proud of his fed, proud of his roster, and hopes to become the Top E-fed no matter what it takes.



  • Mr. Money (Owner)
  • Blake Kulp (CEO)
  • Mrs. Florence (AGWF Consultant)

AGWF Superstars

  • The Truth
  • MacManus
  • Slick D
  • Bolero
  • St. Eldor
  • Cronus
  • Wayne
  • Sting
  • Sayten
  • The Cobra
  • The Kid
  • The Virgin (Represents everyone involved in this being a virgin)

AGWF Divas

  • Queen B

Tag Teams

  • The Inferno Brothers [Bolero & Saint Eldor]
  • Death Brothers [Sting & Sayten]

Champions (AGWF's Best)

  • AGWF Champion - The Cobra
  • Jailhouse Champion - Bolero
  • X Division Champion - St. Eldor

&AGWF Tag Team Champions - The Inferno Brothers

  • Cash Money Champion - Vacant
  • AGWF Women's Champ - Vacant

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