Apocalyptic Pro Wrestling Championship
Federation Name Apocalyptic Pro Wrestling Championship
Abbreviation APWC
Bi-Weekly shows Saturday Night Defiance
Major PPV King Of The Universe (June/July for 2009)
Time open March 2008 – Present
Owners The Virus
Commentators Jason Bond, Rufus Kardell
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Bi-Monthly
Apocalyptic Pro Wrestling Championship (APWC for short) is a new and innovative wrestling e-fed that is all about breaking all humanly possible limits. Opened by The Virus on March 16, 2008, his vision was to bring out the toughness in each man, by setting up new and exciting types of matches, and virtually no rules.

First Run

Originally started in March 2008, APWC would be around for a grand total of three months, before APWC Owner, Leon 'The Virus' Roberts would shut it down due to lack of activity, and merge roster with its affiliate, Enigmar Wrestling. However, due to EW closing down shortly after, The Virus has been slowly working on bringing it back, it a goal tile to bring the Advent of APWC in mid-late January 2009.

APWC Original matches

While APWC will offer all matches available, we also have some original matches that are currently exclusive to APWC Such Matches Include:

King Of The Universe
TLC in a cell
Meet Your Maker
Arena Roof Match
Supreme Punishment Deathmatch
Extreme Money in the Bank



Devlin "Devastaion" Raines
"The Emissary of Evil" DJ Styles
Gary Black
Jason Verve
Johnny Nova
Leon 'The Virus' Roberts
Scotty McKnight
S.J. the "Canadian Pitbull"
"Supernova" Vega Knight
"The Icon" JT Hunt
Xavier Cross

Tag Team

"The Icon" JT Hunt and BlackJack



Inactive Roster

Alex Bown
Apollo Nighthawk
Black Knight
Brian Michaels
Dan James
David 'Faint' Bowen
DeAngelo Williams
Eric Derf
Johnny Vito
Lee Rivvy
Lukas Phantom
Maxamillion Mustafa
Mr. Markowitz
Mysterious G
Triple G
Xavier Stone
Zak Warner

Championship history

APWC World Heavyweight Championship

Wrestler: Times: Defeated: Event: Notes:
'Supernova' Vega Knight 1 Gus Carnival of Carnage Singles Match, Vega wins after hitting Gus with Burst Limit.

Icon Championship

Wrestler: Times: Defeated: Event: Notes:
'The Icon' J.T. Hunt 1 --- --- A title 'The Icon' created specifically for himself.


Here are the PPVs held in 2008:
-Road of Sin

Pay Per Views
Year 2009 2010
January Ground Zero Ground Zero
February N/A Unholy Advent
March Carnival of Carnage Carnival of Carnage
April N/A Death Row
May Road of Sin Road of Sin
June N/A King of the Universe
July King Of The Universe Overkill
August N/A Summer Inferno
September Sanitarium Sanitarium
October N/A Gothic Nights
November Killer Intent Killer Intent
December N/A Final Countdown

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