Ardnand "the artist" Meyers is a wrestler from "Dark Soho" New York. He is currently under the employ of world wrestling existence. According to Ardnand he is a highly paid free agent which signed to wwx during a drunken stupor

Ardnand "the artist" Meyers
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Ardnand "the artist" Meyers]]
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Height 6ft 0in
Weight 248 lbs
Date of birth feb 13, 1980
Place of birth soho new york city, u.s.a.
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Resides Soho New York City
Billed from dark soho, new york
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World Wrestling Xistence
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Debut 2007
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Wrestling Career

Early Years

Ardnand made his debut in 1997 in the xwa. His first match resulted in a loss but his foutune changed when he entered the xhwf. He held multiple titles in his long and storied career. He held so many TV titles. But his true strength was revealed in the Georgia wrestling federation. He held the TV title and never lost it he also never lost the VWA TV title. His recent run in world wrestling extistance is just beginning...

World Wrestling Xistence

Ardnand is just beginning his career in wwx but one thing is certain gold lies in his future. He has a one win over Soul. He also invented the hardcore 100 along with his infamous five acts of violence match.

After Mayhem

After the dissolution of Mayhem, Ardnand ran to fury like an oppertunstic vulture. He fit in on fury like a glove on a madman...

Personal Life

Ardnand is an accomplished rennisance man. He paints, he sculpts, He also won a Tony for his work on Springtime for Charly Manson. Ardnand certainly has accolades

Wrestling facts

  • ardnand is better than you.
  • ardnand even when he loses is great.
  • ardnand is the highest paid superstar in wwx history
  • ardnand is a household name
  • ardnand loves to create works of art and music
  • ardnand got the marqee name during his feud with soul

Finishing and Signature Moves

  • The spyke (modified tombstone)
  • the ardnand special (big boot in corner)
  • Running knee to Seated Opponent's Face
  • metal spike to head
  • conseales violenta (modified diamond dust)


  • "The Artist"

Theme Music

  • the sinester symphony by the london philormonic

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