Aric Hart
Real name Aric Thomas Hart
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Height 6ft 3in
Weight 257 lbs
Date of birth January 2nd 1978 (age 29)
Place of birth Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Resides Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Trainer Eric Bradford Hart
Extreme Championship Fatal Wrestling
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Aric Hart (born January 2, 1978) is a Canadian professional wrestler that has achieved iconic status in the now defunct Extreme Championship Fatal Wrestling, where he has also captured two ECFW World Championship reigns under his name between his 2004-2007 tenure in the promotion.

Professional career

Extreme Championship Fatal Wrestling


In February 2004, Eric Hart made his debut in Extreme Championship Fatal Wrestling. Successfully debuting, he went on to his first pay per view End of an Era on March 6, 2004 defeating Devon Quinn and subsequent at the following pay per view King of Kings on April 3, 2004, he proceeded to win the ECFW Intercontinental Championship by defeating Quake. Hart would engage in a heated and bloody feud with Donny Downfall, resulting in the loss of his championship at June Jam 2004 in an I Quit Match.


Hart went on to June Jam 2005 and feuded with Gladiator over the Hart's ECFW Championship in what was one of the most violent and dramatically brutal I Quit Matches to grace the fans of the promotion including the likes of thousands of thumbtacks. It climaxed with Hart being wrongfully screwed out of possession of the championship after interference from his brother Kyve Hart, who turned on him and blasted him with Gladiator's sledgehammer, later throwing in the towel for Aric Hart to controversially give the victory to Gladiator after factually, Hart never said "I Quit" to begin with. This would sideline Aric Hart for some time due to the amount of injuries he endured from the following onslaughts in such a violent nature of a match.

Championships and accomplishments

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