Wrestler's Name Arkham
Alias(es) The Insane One
Gentle Giant
Height 6'8"
Weight 320 lbs
Entrance Music "Insane in the Brain" by Cypress Hill - Crazy by Gnarl Berkly when tagging with Iagan
Hometown The local insane asylum
Wrestling Style Power, Hardcore and Brawling


Little is known of Arkham apart from his the fact that he seems deranged and apparently doesn't know what's going on very often, being a simpleton who just tries to do what is best he will help out smaller people, usually in ways that ends up backfiring.
He seems to have a childlike intelligence, never able to see further than what's happening at the present he seemingly only follows Retromark's lead, but doesn't seem to realise that the different personas of RM are the same person.

He wears a tatty and stained pair of while trousers and white shoes, his muscular chest and arms are left exposed.

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