Olive Japan: FWA's Asanomori

Real Name 松井ゆすけ(Matsui Yusuke)
Ring Name(s)Asanomori (朝の森)(
Previous Ring Name(s)None
Height ft in
Weight lbs
Place of Birth
Current ResidenceJapan
Entrance ThemeA Likeable Fellow

Asanomori is a Japanese born professional wrestler. He is a former sumo wrestler. He now works for Olive Japan: FWA.

Signature & finishing moves

  • Finishing moves
    BIG Headbutt
  • Signature moves
    Emerald Fusion
    BIG Dropkick
    Frog Splash (rarely used)


Before entering the world of professional wrestling, Asanomori took part in a number of sumo events, never quite getting past the middle ranks, a problem he himself attributes to the extremely short length of time in which a sumo bout takes place. In 1990, he left sumo to train to become a wrestler. He finally entered New Olive Japan in 1996 and, along with

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