Ash Mathews is the owner of EUW, and some say a Wreslting Legend from his works in EUW.


Early career

Ash Matthews began to take up interest in wrestling when he was a teenager. He went to local wrestling promotions and got some training to wrestle. He made it big when he debuted in Southern Championship Wrestling as Ashton Martin and slowly got no-where until he saw a sign for try outs with ASCW.


Ash went on to go to the tryouts and was a finalist and got signed to a contract. Ash started a good career but he thought he wasn't ment to wrestle anymore and left. His Adrenaline Title shot was left blank as he no showed the match. Most people were furious at him, he was blackballed by many people.


When Ash Matthews left ASCW he took up some investment into a company he had going for a while that did wrestling gear, he decided with the profits from this he would start a wrestling promotion. Ash Matthews was no man's bitch and created Extreme United Wrestling. He had decided that this would be different from all other federations. This would have something for everyone. As ASCW quickly started to go down ship, Ash Matthews signed a few people to written contracts and they soon left ASCW for EUW. Trent Sickness,J.Jannetty,Skull to name a few went. Jannetty brought along a pupil of his, Gabe Newell and supported him as Jannetty worked as a road agent. Many people started to come into EUW and it quickly flourished and began to grow in size. The roster began to grow as people such as Nitron,Nick Fudge,Seamus Corcoran,Chris Apollo,Jacob Urban and Matt Shield came to EUW. Many became quite popular with the fans. EUW gained a TV show on Spike TV in October 2005 and the ratings have always been good.

Soon,the wounds started to heal from people as Jones, the owner of ASCW joined EUW and him and Ash made piece. Many other ASCW Alumni joined, Tom Roberts,Nixy Nix,and Dark(now known as Corey).EUW will always continue to grow and grow more friends. Ash Matthews and other have said "EUW never gets worse, it just gets better" the fans agree as each PPV and Event is either sold out or dangerously close. EUW will always be the work of Ash Matthews, and his happyness.

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