[[Image:|px|Image of Assassin]]
Real name Steve Cecil
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Height 6'3"
Weight 240 lbs
Date of birth January 29th 1983
Place of birth Dallas Texas
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Debut November 2000
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Assassin grew up a fan of professional wrestling in Dallas in the early eighties, Assassin grew up watching greats such as the Von Erichs Ric Flair Michael Hayes and many others. Assassin grew a great appreciation for wrestling but it wasn't his first choice in sports. Assassin grew up playing football all through high school and the wrestling bug wouldn't bite until after he suffered an injury during his senior year in school.

Assassin turned from football to wrestling taking what he had watched on television and in person all those years ago and quickly shot up the ranks getting himself a contract with a small local promotion in Dallas called PCW. Assassin's wrestling career would take off from there into what the fans have seen today.

Extreme Championship Fatal Wrestling

Assassin is a former two time U.S. Champion and a former Intercontinental champion. Assassin is now in the middle of a feud with Chris Archer.

Outside of ECFW

Assassin has enjoyed sucuess outside of ECFW winning many titles in prootions such as PCW,EEW,EWE,BNG and many others. Assassin has been a major champion in every promotion he's fought in. Learning a different style everytime he steps inside the ring

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