Asylum Wrestling Federation
Logo Logoawf
Opened May 2008
Headquarters The Wrestling Asylum Forums
Operated By deadfox, Foppa, Bsu2K, and TaiBurns~! of the AWF Council
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AWF is an e-federation run on the TWA Forums, headed by deadfox, and co-run by Council members Foppa, Bsu2K, and TaiBurns~!.

Company History

Total Wrestling Federation

TWF was a federation started on the TWV Wrestling Forums in 2004. Ran by many members, such as Klinz, iiremixii, ecwrulz~!, and others. The federation lasted over a year, and put on many big shows and PPVs during their run. They ended up closing just before the TWV forums moved to become the TWA forums.

Total Wrestling Annihilation

TWA was the follow-up of TWF, started a year after the TWA forums were introduced. First headed by Richard Gray (username Ric), and later forming a Council to run the fed, TWA had great success on the forums for over a year. Putting on five Pay Per View events, and running a steady weekly show called "Unleashed" for it's entire tenure. TWA also held a "WrestleMania" like Pay Per View called "Warrior's Will", which featured a 60 Minute Ironteam Match, the Global Cup Tournament, and a triple threat TWA Global Championship match with the triumphent return of TWF legend Will Esco.

TWA was forced to fold in late November 2007.

Asylum Wrestling Federation

AWF has been in the works since before TWA folded. It is owned and operated by wrestling's greatest legend, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Flair brought AWF in to give the TWA guys a second chance to succeed in the wrestling business, and thought there was too much talent left behind when TWA folded. AWF's show is unnamed at the moment, but plans are to either name it "Resistance" or "Assault". The show will air, like Unleashed, on Saturday nights. The show will air on F/X Networks. Their Pay Per View schedule will run with one being every six weeks starting May 3. It is not known where the first Pay Per View will take place, nor is there a name for the PPV yet. Much of the work is still in progress.

Asylum Wrestling Federation, when it starts in May, will bring the perfect blend of old school and new school. Stars from the past, present, and future will be a part of this project, and if it doesn't carry on the legacy of TWF and TWA, it will only make a greater legacy of its own.


On-Air Staff

  • Ric Flair (Owner/Commissioner)
  • Joey Styles (Play by Play)
  • Captain Canada (Color Commentator)
  • Bob Artese (Ring Announcer)
  • Cyrus The Virus (Backstage Interviewer)
  • Stacy Keibler (Backstage Interviewer)
  • Arn Anderson (Road Agent)
  • Tully Blanchard (Road Agent)
  • Barry Windham (Road Agent)
  • Dean Malenko (Road Agent)


See Main Article: AWF Roster


Title Champion(s) Date Won Event Won Defeated
AWF Undisputed Championship Kale Hartmann May 10, 2008 Anarchy Chris Foppa
AWF Tag Team Championship Age of the Fall June 22, 2008 Inception Flawless Formation; Starr Express
AWF Dream Championship Louis Kerry June 22, 2008 Inception Edge


AWF Inception

AWF's first ever Pay-Per-View. Held in San Jose, California on June 22, 2008.

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