Atlantic City Wrestling (ACW) is a professional wrestling company founded and currently owned by Khia Carson. It is based out of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and is in joint production with Shannon McMichaels' Global Wrestling Division.


ACW was first founded by Khia Carson, originally brought together to be her first wrestling company. However, a powerful figure behind the scenes - known to wrestling fans as Carly Mendelsohn - gave Carson the idea to buy out another company to add to its success and make it grow larger. One place Mendelsohn had in mind was the emerging Global Wrestling Division, run by professional wrestler Shannon McMichaels, which was beginning to slow down due to its lack of spark with most of the fans and staff alike. Mendelsohn decided to take GWD out of McMichaels' hands and bought the company, also merging it with ACW. Therefore, as of now, all GWD talent and personnel have been brought over to ACW, and either have been replaced or are set to perform on Atlantic City territory.


Current Roster

  • Woo
  • Woo
  • Woo

On-Screen Personnel

  • Khia Carson - Owner
  • Carly Mendelsohn - General Manager of Hazard
  • Chassidy Kinkade - Director of Authority
  • Justin Boyd - Play-by-play Commentator
  • Antonio Miller - Color Commentator
  • Anastacia Lewis - Ring Announcer
  • Maritza Delvins - Lead backstage interviewer
  • Antwon Carter - Backstage interviewer
  • Elisabyth Boyd - Interviewing intern




Monthly Pay Per Views



Championship Current Champion Date Won Show
ACW World Heavyweight Championship TBA TBA TBA
ACW Women's World Championship TBA TBA TBA
ACW National Championship TBA TBA TBA
ACW Atlantic Championship TBA TBA TBA
ACW Revolution Championship TBA TBA TBA


ACW contains memorable television segments and elements that truly make it unique. The following is a detailed description of each quality featured in ACW:

Carson's Chaos


Mind of Maritza


Super Ten


Star System


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