Australian Amateur Wrestling
Federation Name Australian Amateur Wrestling
Abbreviation AAW
Shows Saturday Night Heatwave(SNH)
Time open August 10th, 2007-Present
Owner Mr. Riley
Based in Melbourne Australia
Federation type Roleplay Based
DVD Tapings Monthly

Australian Amateur Wrestling (AAW) is a wrestling e-fed that was created in 2007 and is owned and operated by the chairman Mr. Riley. Though Mr. Riley is the head chairman there is also a selection of 5 AAW members that make up the official board, all AAW decision are usually started in the minds of these board men. AAW operates out of Melbourne and runs a weekly taping and one large event each month.

AAW mainly bases their weekly Saturday Night Heatwave shows out of the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre where they currently hold the seating arrangements for 2000 fans.

Saturday Night Heatwave

The weekly AAW wrestling events are called Saturday Night Heatwave (SNH), and are taken part in the Melbourne Sports & Entertainment Centre, Melbourne/Australia. The events are undertaken on a weekly bases every Saturday night, only being canceled for the monthly use of a DVD Taping.

In Jly 2007 on creation of the AAW, owner/promoter Mr. Riley contacted the dealership of the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, requesting a contract for the hiring right to the stadium for AAW and PPV cards. The spokesperson from the centre indulged that they had come to a deal with the AAW for hire of the arena and seating capacity for 2000, which is thought to be plenty of room for the ring equipment and crowds. Though we are likely to change the location of AAW when on tours the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre has now been announced as the official home of AAW.

Australian Amateur Wrestling Style

The AAW is widely known as a promotion dedicated to the showcase of pure wrestling throughout Australia. AAW officials defiantly announce that you will be seeing no "Sports Entertainment" style gimmicks nor any matches featuring someone wrestling god, no its tough, rough and damn real!!!

Australian Amateur Wrestling Roster


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