[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Axis]]
Real name Andrew Mowle
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Height 6'
Weight 202
Date of birth May 15th, 1985
Place of birth Canberra, Australia
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Resides Chicago, Illianois
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Debut Febuary, 2006
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Axis started in the WSCF in early 2006. After a few months of finding his feet, he quickly became one of the fastest rising stars on Unleashed! His cocky attitude is often backed up in the ring, when he gloats as much as possible during a match.

He really started to make a name for himself though when he started pushing his fellow Cruiserweights to take it to the next level. He wanted to put them in the main event. At Hacked 2007, Axis, Cyanide Lee, and Chris Jackson competed in what some are calling the match of the year - a falls count anywhere match for the Cruiserweight title - in which Axis was victorious.

Impressed with the standards of these Cruiserweights, WSCF management has decided to see if they are all talk. At Battlefield 2007, Axis, Cyanide Lee and Chris Jackson will compete in a rematch from Hacked. The winner will immediately retire the Cruiserweight Championship, and will be crowned with the Middleweight Championship. This will allow more variety in the competition for their division, and it will allow the Cruiserweights to show off their talents against other superstars.


Finishing Moves

XYZ (Top rope inverted bulldog)

Fantaxis (Fireman's carry to a gutbuster)

Signature Moves

Standing enziguri

German suplex

Springboard moonsault

PPV History

Meltown 2006: Lost to Cyanide Lee and Chris Jackson in a 5 man number one contenders match for the Cruiserweight title.

Hacked 2007: Defeated Cyanide Lee and Chris Jackson in a triple threat falls count anywhere match for the Cruiserweight title.

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