Baal is a wrestler in the Lock Wrestling Federation. Known as the Lord of Destruction, his sole purpose in the LWF is to continue his Path of Destruction by causing mayhem and destruction.

Lock Wrestling Federation

Baal is currently rising in the LWF Cross Hemisphere Championship Division, as well as the LWF Tag Team Championship Division with his brother Diablo. The two make up the Unholy Hierarchy.

In Wrestling


  • Fire and Brimstone - Gorilla Press Drop into a Big Splash

Signature Moves

  • Destruction's Way - Double Handed Choke Slam
  • Piledriver
  • Illegal Choke

General Moves

  • Big Boot
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • DDT
  • Boston Crab
  • Powerslam
  • Running Closeline
  • Atomic Drop
  • Shoulder Block
  • Bearhug
  • Backbreaker

Theme Music

  • "The Dope Show" by Marilyn Manson


  • Trademark Laugh


LWF Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
The Lords of Pain
First (w/ Diablo)
February 17, 2008 - March 10, 2008
Succeeded by:
The Gold Bond Champions
Preceded by:
Lunacy in Motion
Second (w/ Diablo)
April 28, 2008 - June 9, 2008
Succeeded by:
The Stampeding Truth

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