Back 2 Roots is an annual pay-per-view event produced by Extreme United Wrestling, which started in 2007 and is held in February. Back 2 Roots often features more "hardcore-oriented" matches in order to stick to the EUW's older hardcore roots.




The official poster of Back 2 Roots 2007

Back 2 Roots 2007 took place on February 19, 2007 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Joey Sosa defeated Lee Knox, Master DEDman, Diabolik, Joe Dark, Ringmaster, and Kinomortis in a New Blood Battle Royal
    • Joey Sosa threw all of his opponents over the top rope to win.
  • Kassie defeated Jessica Helm and Britney Britney in a Diva Showcase Match
    • Kassie pinned Jessica Helm.
  • Larry Wopat and Cameron Mann defeated Rob Kelleher and Matt Shield (c) to win the EUW Tag Team Championships
    • Larry Wopat pinned Rob Kelleher after a Bank Shot.
    • Joey Sosa interfered with a steel chair in favor or Larry Wopat and Cameron Mann.
  • Warrior defeated Phillip Storm, Christian Stephens, Jeff Vicious, Billy Suicide, and Jeremy Sterling in a Downpour Elimination Match
  • King Carter defeated Seamus Corcoran (c) in an Anything Goes Rules Match to win the EUW World Championship
    • King Carter won after a King Cutter.

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