Badger PRO Wrestling
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Company Slogan Giving Action to the Badger state
Founder Kevin Vander Hey
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Area Served Wisconsin
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Company History

The Begining

Badger PRO Wrestling officially opened there doors on October 1, 2007. Now is waiting on crowning the first TV champion with a huge sixteen man elimination tournament. With the roster growth going well enough all the titles will be crowd by the end of 2007. Bagder PRO was bought out by Big Time Entertainment Group for undisclosed amount of money. With the buyout BPW has more money to spend on production and travel. BPW has opened there doors to any team for the Tag Grand Prix. Where the will become BPW Tag Team Champions.

The New Era

With a New Year means new events now Badger PRO will be holding every three months an out of state event with in state events. With Tag Grand Prix this will give the option of bringing in fresh new talent into the company. BPW closed down do to booking issues.


BPW Face Roster

BPW Heel Roster

BPW Tag Team Roster

BPW Former Stars


Monday Night BattleGround


Out of State Events


BPW Heavyweight Title

BPW No limits Title

BPW TV Title

BPW Tag Team Title


Badger PRO Wrestling Offical Website

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