Dan Bane formerly Danyael Bane formerly Bane, is a participating character in the World Wildzone Wrestling and Outlaw Wrestling Coalition e-feds. Previous to that, he ran the Xtreme Wrestling Federation out of Xtreme Forums. As well as promo writing, he also writes matches for World Wildzone Wrestling.

Character History

Bane started out in the XWF with a heroism gimmick, on a crusade to bring honour to the federation. He soon became the Heavyweight Champion after a 1hour ironman match with the legendary Showstoppa. He held the title for a record five months, before dropping the title to Jason Scott. Following the retirement of El Beardo, Bane took over the XWF for over a year, before Xtreme Forums closed, and a new federation emerged from the ashes - the Outlaw Wrestling Coalition.

Since then Bane has been fighting for the memory of the XWF, defeating Marshall X for the OWC TV Title. He also became the first ever 3W Triple Crown champion for World Wildzone Wrestling.

Quick Facts

Age - 27

Alignment - Tweener

Height - 6ft 7in

Weight – 290 pounds

Appearance – Short red hair, red goatee.

Entrance Music - 'Hysteria' by Muse

Ring Attire - Black Waistcoat type top with Red Welsh Dragon on the back, black pants with red swirls up the legs, black boots.

Trademarks –

Fall of Arcadia - Side headlock into facebuster. Locks in a side headlock and runs forward before dropping opponent face first to the mat. If near the ropes, he will use the middle rope for extra momentum.

The Accursed - Dragon Sleeper into elbow drop. Locks in the dragon sleeper and kicks out at the back of the knees, so that his opponent's lower legs are flat on the mat (kneeling in other words). Twisting, he jumps and land with his elbow across his opponent's chest, impacting the upper back and head against the mat while causing tearing damage to the knees.

Finishers –

World of Bane (sleeper hold/camel clutch hybrid) – takes them in the sleeper and then takes their feet from under them to work the shoulders and lower back.

Fall From Grace - Fireman's carry into a neckbreaker

Road to Perdition - High angle belly to back German Suplex, turned in mid flight into a falling choke slam

The Ruination - Tiger bomb into piledriver. Lifts opponent to apex of tiger bomb, before bringing him down with a piledriver. Occasionally he can turn it into a cradle piledriver, but against the bigger opponents their momentum takes them forward.

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