NFW Banned4Life
Promotion New Frontier Wrestling
Date June 6, 2001
Venue Paul Tsongas Arena
City Lowell Massachusetts
Pay-per-view chronology
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Banned4Life chronology
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Banned4Life was the first pay-per-view event produced by New Frontier Wrestling. It aired on June 6, 2001 from the Paul E. Tsongas Arena in Lowell Massachusettes. The event is not only noteworthy for being NFW's first pay-per view, but also because the title originated because NFW was actually banned for life from the state of Maryland after state fire marshalls inspecting their business practices witnessed a wrestler getting lit on fire and thrown inside a trashcan.


  • 'Devil's Advocate' Javid Dones defeated 'Mr. Dread' Chris McMillan.
    • This match marked McMillan's debut for NFW.
  • 'The New Movement', Rocky Wellington and Lawrence Price defeated 'Ying and Yang', RJ Quiksilver and Andersen Scott.
  • 'Sex and Violence, Brian Erickson and Kevin Koltrane defeated Powermaster and Jonathan.
  • Wildstar defeated Isaac Comelightly.
    • Comelightly injured his leg attempting a moonsault, allowing Wilstar to pick up the victory.
  • Nakita Dubov defeated MJ Morrison
    • At this point in NFW history, Nikita was the only female wrestler on the roster.
    • After the match, Raul came to ringside professing his love for Nikita, who flaty refused. A small scuffle ensued resulting in Raul being the victim of a vicious 'Rude Awakening'. However, Raul's cousin, Cajones Mercado laid out both Nikita, and Kevin LeBrock.
  • Roger Powell defeated Shane Southern in a Contenders Match.
    • Shane Southern's knee gave out while attempting a German supplex, allowing Powell to crash down on top of him, getting the win.
    • By virtue of this win, Powell was named the number one contender to the NFW World Championship.
  • Armando Montezuma defeated Steve Radder in a semi-final match for the NFW Mid-Atlantic Title.
  • Alex Wylde defeated 'The Polish Prince', Rick Ryconik in a semi-final match for the NFW Mid-Atlantic Title.
    • Armando Montezuma and Cajones Mercado kidnapped Ryconik's daughter, which distracted him long enough for Wylde to get the win via a roll-up.
  • Micheal Manson defeated The Torch, Neuromancer, Dez Aragon, and 'The Nihilist', Pat Black in a Pentagram Match.
    • This was a no disqualification, no countout, falls count anywhere, last man standing, elimination match.
    • The only way to be eliminated from the match was by failing to answer a ten count from the ref.
    • Order of elimination was Dez Aragon, The Torch, Neuromancer, and Pat Black.
  • Alex Wylde defeated Armando Montezuma in the finals for the NFW Mid-Atlantic Title, becoming the first ever NFW Mid-Atlantic Champion.
    • The match saw interference from Raul and Cajones Mercado. Nakita Dubov and Rick Ryconik made their presence known as well.
    • Ryconik was able to rescue his daughter and assaulted Montezuma after the match.
  • 'Hellmachine', Calamity and Sean Toombs defeated NFW Tag-Team Champions 'The Showstoppers', Ryan Connors and Lincoln McKinely in a steel cage match win the NFW Tag-Team Championship.
    • Calamity and McKinely both had an arm draped over the other's chest, but Calamity was able to get his shoulder off the mat before the ref delivered the three count.
  • Rickey Zane defeated Ares and NFW World Champion, Bloodhunt in a Triple Threat match to become the new NFW World Champion.