Banned & Exiled~! is an American professional tag team in Global Championship Wrestling consisting of Chris Storm (real name, Scott Drake, born November 22 1977) and Markus Stone (born November 25 1980) best known for their anti-authority style and trouble making. The two are currently serving an indefinite suspension following WorldWide 71 when the two pulled a prank on owner Steven Caldera. This is their second suspension from the company.

Professional Wrestling Career

The true origins of Banned & Exiled~! isn't clearly known, but it is believed they were formed as a joke backstage in WIW after both men were banned from any Primetime Central events. Others claim the two officially began their careers as Banned & Exiled~! during the first and only Primetime Central Tag Team tournament. The two defeated Jade & Lacuna Debris in the first round but Markus Stone had to pull out of the tournament before the start of the second round. Markus was replaced by a wrestler named Sin. Chris and Sin lost to the eventual winners of the tournament, The Phenomenons.

After short stints in various promotions some years later, Markus Stone resurfaced in Global Championship Wrestling. His old partner, Scott Drake, was actively in Legacy of Champions. During the several down periods of LoC, Scott signed a pay-per-appearance contract with Global Championship Wrestling. The deal saw the reformation of a previous tag team, Banned & Exiled~! with his long-time friend from WIW, Markus Stone. The two are enjoying a lengthy title reign as the Tag Team Champions, winning the belt off the previous champions, UNITED, at the supershow High Stakes. Consequentially, the two have remained in their old ways and continue to get in trouble with authority. The duo is currently suspended indefinitely. This is their second suspension. They have also been fined almost $10,000 a piece in damages. At High Stakes they were arrested for rigging casino games, but the charges were dropped in time for the two to wrestle for the Tag Team titles.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • BANNED~! (A Superkick (Zero Tolerance) from Markus into a German Suplex from Storm)
  • EXILED~! (Shining Wizard (Silencing the Voices) from Markus as Storm hits a Spinal Tap)
  • TAP~! (Boston Crab/Camel Clutch combo)
  • Spike Piledriver (Storm jumps, Stone holds)

Championships and accomplishments

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