Battle Royale is an annual Pay Per View held by TWOStars and is one of their big four Pay Per Views along with Wrestlenova, Midsummers Night Destruction and World War .To date there has been 3 of these events held.

At this PPV we see a Royal Rumble style match were the winner of it goes on to face the champion at Wrestlenova.

Battle Royale 2010

# Results


Stipulations />
1 Jason Bell defeated Crash via pinfall None
2 Randy Roko defeated Matt Denton via submission Hardcore TWOstars Television Championship
3 Edward Samson defeated The Great Ken via pinfall TWOstars Money in the Bank Match
4 Jenny McKellen and Angel defeated Cari-Dee and Lindy Rose None
5 Match between PTP (Kyle Gilmore and Lucian L Jones) and Christopher Eagles and Deadman ended in a no contest after Deadman attacked all three men TWOstars Tag Team Championship
6 Craig Van Dam defeated Evil Gringo four falls to three TWOstars Triple Crown Championship 60 Minute Ironman Match
7 Craig Van Dam defeated Edward Samson, who cashed in his Money in the Bank TWOstars Triple Crown Championship
Main Event Lucian L Jones wins the 30 man over the top rope Battle Royale Match Battle Royale Match

Battle Royale 2009

# Results


Stipulations />
1 Image Inc (Famous and Harry Hart) defeated The Brotherhood Iagan and Joseph Helms), Randy Roko and Willard and Keith Jaxx and Chris "Jaycey Baby" Eagles when Harry Hart pinned Helms with his feet on the ropes Number one contendership for Tag Team Titles
2 Johnny Rockefeller and Drake Rush finished in a no contest None
3 Jason Bell defeats Craig Van Dam to retain the TWOstars Television Championship TWOstars Television Championship
4 Arron Winter wins the five way match with the help of Sickness, Draven Cage, Edward Samson and Evil Gringo were the other three men TWOstars Triple Crown Championship
Main Event Angus McDonald wins the 30 man Royal Rumble match to earn a shot at the TWOstars Triple Crown Champion Battle Royale Match

Battle Royale 2008

# Results


Stipulations />
1 Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound and Jaycey Baby vs Elder and Joseph Helms ended in a no contest None
2 Apollo Chambers defeated Jim Smyth via submission TWOstars United States Championship
3 Johnny Rockefeller defeated Apollo Chambers via pinfall after cashing in MitB TWOstars United States Championship
4 The Judge win the 25 man Royal Rumble match to earn a shot at the TWOStars Triple Crown Championship at TWOStars Wrestlenova IV Battle Royale Match
Main Event Draven Cage defeats Twiggie one fall to nil to become the new TWOstars Triple Crown Champion TWOstars Triple Crown Championship

Battle Royale 2007

# Results[1] Stipulations />
1 Apollo Chambers defeats Joseph Helms via Pinfall Singles Match
2 Dan Jackson and Arron Winter (The New Blood) defeat Gringo and Twiggie via pinfall when Jackson pinned Evil Gringo Tag Team Match
3 Chris Eagles defeats Damin Kori via pinfall to retain the title TWOStars TV Championship
4 Boyo defeats Dante via TKO Singles Match
5 Fletch defeats Michail Mills via pinfall to become the new TWOStars United States Champion TWOStars United States Championship
6 The Flaming Dark beat VLO to retain the tag belts in a Hotel Lobby Brawl. TWOStars Tag Team Championship - Hotel Room Brawl
7 Barry Gower defeats champion The Incredible Holt in a fatal 4 way match that inlso include Drake Rush and Daniel Strong TWOStars Heavyweight Champinship
Main Event Boyo wins the 30 man Royal Rumble match to become the number one contender for the TWOStars Heavyweight Championship match at TWOStars Wrestlenova III 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Battle Royale 2006

# Results[1] Stipulations />
1 Twiggie and TLA defeated The Judge and Jimmy Redman via pinfall when Twiggie pinned


Tag Team Match
2 VVV(c) defeats Christopher Eagles via pinfall to retain the TWOStars United States Championship. TWOStars United States Championship - Singles Match
3 Howell pins Drake Rush in a Triple Threat match also including Dante Mueller. Triple Threat Match
4 The Dark Alliance defeat the team of Black Dragon and Evil Gringo to retain the TWOStars World Tag Team Championship. TWOStars Tag Team Championship
5 Barry Gower defeated Deadman via pinfall Singles Match
6 The Incredible Holt defeated Brett Banner(c) via pinfall to become the new TWOStars Heavyweight Champion TWOStars Heavyweight Championship - Singles Match
Main Event Gringo won the 30 man Royal Rumble match despite starting at number one to become the new no.1 contender for the TWOStars Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlenova II. 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

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