BeachBrawl is the annual June PPV of Championship Professional Wrestling.

BeachBrawl became the annual June PPV in 2006, with the 2007 edition being one of the most popular CPW PPVs ever.

It was first held on June 10, 2006 in Florence, Oregon. The main event of the first PPV was Edward Gabrian (the then United States Champion) winning the World Heavyweight Championship from "Amazing" Anderson.

The 2007 "event" will be held in Savannah, GA on June 27, 2009.

Event Locations and Dates

Event Date City Venue Main Event Loser Winner
BeachBrawl (2006) June 10, 2006 Florence, Oregon World Heavyweight Championship (Pool Match) "Amazing" Anderson (WHC) Edward Gabrian (new WHC)
BeachBrawl (2007) June 27, 2007 Redding, California Shasta College United States & World Title Match (via satellite from Charlotte, NC) Archie Super (WHC) Danny Brun (retains US, wins WHC)
BeachBrawl (2008) June 25, 2008 Uncasville, Connecticut Mohegan Sun Casino & Arena World Title Match (YOLD match) Archie Super Jason Xu (retains Title)
BeachBrawl (2009) June 27, 2009 Savannah, Georgia Savannah State University World Title Match (YOLD 4-way Elimination Match) "Amazing" Anderson v. Jason Xu v. "Daring" DeLuca v. AJ Koehler

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