Beckie Rave
Real name Rebecca Ashlynn Guffey
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Height 5'5”
Weight 126lbs
Date of birth September 21st, 1986
Place of birth Atlanta, Georgia
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Atlanta, Georgia
Billed from Atlanta, Georgia
Trainer Jimmy Rave, Delirious
Handled by Melanie
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Debut July 2007
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Beckie Rave, born Rebecca Ashlynn Guffey is a professional wrestler hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She is the sister of well known ROH wrestler and Embassy member, Jimmy Rave, also known as James Guffey. She was signed to professional wrestling promotion, RZMA and formed somewhat of an alliance with Gavin Masterson.

Early life

Rebecca grew up idolizing whatever her brother did. If he went to the park, she went to the park, like she was his little assistant. Her brother played sports, she got into sports, especially basketball and volleyball. Beckie was always a happy child, she grew up with a mass amount of friends, and she always had people to count on. She got great grades and graduated from highschool and college with honours. As a teen, she got into numerous activities and sports like swimming, wakeboarding and kickboxing to keep her active and doing things during the week and summer. Her first job was a custodian at a mall, and cleaning after hours while being fed the leftovers from Subway.

Rebecca went to school to learn and hang with her brother and his friends, and although his friends didn't seem to mind, her brother was furiated. Eventually, her brother took up wrestling, and Beckie of course wanted to do anything he did. In her eyes, she could see everything she wanted to be - wrestler wise. They trained together, he helped her train, and they were the closest siblings and had the best sibling relationship one could ever ask for.

Round ZERO Max Alliance

In July 2007, Beckie was signed to Round ZERO Max Alliance. A wrestling promotion based in Japan owned by Venus Valentine and Lexi Sheckler. She has not yet had her first match, but she knows she has to take RZMA by storm. She has soon to accomplish winning the X-Division title belt, which was her ultimate goal in that federation.

Championships And Accomplishments

  • Sister of Jimmy Rave

Noteable Allies

Noteable Feuds

Theme Music

  • Come Original - 311
  • Gone For A Long Time - The Johnstones
  • I Want You Bad - The Offspring

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