Ben Fuller (Born October 6, 1988) is a Canadian born professional wrestler and musician, he is the current guitarist for rock tribute group RUDE and is currently dating fellow band member Belle D’Aubigné. In 2008, Ben was surprised by a woman with whom he had a fling with, he had gotten her pregnant and she had given birth to an unwanted child. Suddenly one day, Ben found himself caring for his daughter, with no idea what to do, it was Belle who stepped in to lend him a hand. After a few weeks of caring for Ben's child together, they named her Faith Laurie Fuller. Today, Ben Fuller is working on press and publicity for RUDE.

Ben Fuller
Real name Benjamin Pascal Fuller
Ring Names Ben Fuller
Height 6'1
Weight 225 lbs
Date of birth October 6, 1988 (21 Years Old)
Place of birth Toronto Ontario, Canada
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Toronto Ontario, Canada
Billed from
Affiliated with ECFW
Handled by Blake Lawless
Win/Loss Record

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