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The Big 5 Confederation (B5C) is a loose grouping of the following e-feds (view their individual entries for complete information):

  • Exciting Honor E-wrestling (xHw) - the CROWN JEWEL of the B5C, xHw's (largely fictional, natch) history goes back to the 1970s.
  • Wildly & Insanely Violent Wrestling (wVw) - formerly known as Insanely Violent Wrestling (IVW, founded in 1996), the name change took effect in 2003 after a new President was named. wVw is B5C's most violent and hardcore fed, where NONE of the matches are pre-scripted, and all the injuries are real. As such, very few of wVw's Originals (such as "Bison" Harper, Tony Williams, or former wVw rookies Axl Evermore and Max Craven have successfully lasted longer than ONE year, let alone THREE, before their injuries forced them into retirement.
  • Raucous Action Wrestling (RAW) - an amalgam of Bridges Championship Wrestling and Eyesley Wrestling Union, RAW is co-run by xHw wrestler Dorian Bridges and former xHw co-owner/Network co-owner Marlon "Evil Eye" Eyesley.
  • Cruiserweight Wrestling Coalition (cWc) - founded in March 2002 by xHw cruiserweight wrestler MAJESTIC as a way for those in the B5C's lower weight classes to get the respect they feel they deserve, the cWc was officially named as one of the 5 a few months later when BCW and EWU merged to become RAW and a spot was open.
  • Renaissance Prowrestling Coalition (RPC) - co-founded in 2002 in the wake of the supposedly FINAL demise of the legendary Universal Wrestling Federation and co-owned by former wVw star Axl Evermore and his half-brother, xHw legend Dan Dare. RPC was officially named as one of the 5 once the RWWCWF severed official ties with B5C.

Former B5C Feds

  • RWWCWF - Really Whack World Championship Wrestling Federation
    • owned by "Maniac" Mario Bueno, was one of the ORIGINAL 5 of the B5C, playing a major part in shaping xHw into what is was/is today. Bueno severed ties with B5C in 2002, but remains friendly with the xHw and the RPC, and still occasionally co-promotes cross-promo shows with them.
  • BCW - Bridges Championship Wrestling
    • owned by xHw wrestler Dorian Bridges, BCW was one of the ORIGINAL 5 of the B5C, and merged with EWU in 2002 to form Raucous Action Wrestling (RAW).
  • EWU - Eyesley Wrestling Union
    • owned by xHw legend, former co-owner, and current Network co-owner "The Evil Eye" Marlon Eyesley, EWU was one of the ORIGINAL 5 of the B5C, and merged with Dorian Bridges's BCW in 2002 to form Raucous Action Wrestling (RAW).

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