James Richards
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Height 7'2"
Weight 450 lbs.
Date of birth unknown
Place of birth Salisbury, Engalnd
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James Richards is a British professional wrestler best known by his ring name Big Ging. Big Ging is best known for his stints in Extreme Revolution, Championship Wrestling Federation, and Rebellion Online Wrestling. James Richards also owns and manages a world renown chain of gyms, including a wrestling training school in Salisbury, Engalnd.

Wrestling Information

  • Entrance Theme: "Blood In Your Eyes" by Godsmack
  • Fan Affiliation: Face
  • Gimmicks: Monster, Legend
  • Strengths: His sheer size, experience is in favor of the big man. Although it is not known exactly how old the monster is, it has been rumored that that he has decades of experience. His dreaded sledge hammer is always a factor in any match, regardless of the rules the superstars are supposed to be playing by.
  • Wrestling Style: Big Ging is best known for his powerful hardcore style. He is a brawler by trade, and is immense strength seems to solidify him as a hardcore brawler.

Character History

Favorite Moves

  • The Extreme Finish: Chokeslam
  • Crazy Bomb: Powerbomb
  • Gorilla Press Slam
  • over head belly-to-belly suplex
  • Power Slam
  • Brainbuster
  • Big Boot
  • Camel Clutch
  • Back Braker
  • Tilt-o-whirl slam
  • Sidewalk Slam
  • STF

Wrestling Accomplishments


  • X-Net Top 10 (CWF) (x2)

Championship Wrestling Federation

  • World Champion
    • (Longest Reigning)

Extreme Revolution

  • World Champion
    • (Longest Reigning)
  • NXW World Champion
    • Television Champion (x2)
  • Hardcore Champion (x5)
    • (Most Crowned and Longest Reigning)
  • Tag Team Champion (x2)
    • (With Mr PPV & Tera Rysin)


  • US Champion
    • (Undefeated)
  • European Champion (x2)
  • Hardcore Champion (x5)
  • Tag Team Champion
    • (Undefeated with Blaze)


  • US Champion
    • (Undefeated)
  • Extreme Champion (x3)
  • Extreme Champion (x2)
    • (Original AWF)


  • World Champion (x2)
  • Television Champion (x2)
  • United Kingdom Champion
    • (Undefeated)
  • Hardcore Champion (x4)


  • European Champion (x2)
  • United Kingdom Champion (x3)
  • Hardcore Champion (x7)

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