Eric Benson Better known by his stage name the Black Dragon is an American pro wrestler from fort lauderdale. Growing up he always admired pro wrestlers from the days of watching the HPWF and RCWF. After gradutting from sunset learning center Dragon went to jacksonville where he trained to be a pro wrestler using his martial arts mastery and gymnastics skills he quickly rose to the top of his class.One day after an indy show he was approached by a talent scout from thad inc and given a contract with the NGPW rising quickly to the a show glory in less than a year Dragon would go on to win the tag title with RCWF star Hunter Haskui keeping the title until the fedrations shut down in 2007. He is now under contract with the HPWF and IWA Japan.

Trademark moves and valets: Dragon Drop (Modified stunner from firemans carry) Acid breath (green Asian mist) Buzzsaw kick (Muay thai roundhouse)

Valets: Lime (NGPW) Corey styles (ngpw) Chirtina michlle (HPWF)

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