Black Flash
Black Flash1000
Real name Mike Kingston
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Height 1.85 m
Weight 80 Kg
Date of birth 1984
Place of birth Kingston, Jamaica Flag of Jamaica
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Resides Bucharest, Romania Flag of Romania
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IFF, W365, WRM
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Debut May 2008
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Early Life

Black Flash is a Jamaican professional wrestler. Before becoming a wrestler, he was a Jamaican sprinter and that's why he is so fast in ring today. He was born in 1984.

It was increased with the idea that wrestling is dangerous and that will never be a wrestler. But not quit. At 20 years began in indyz having a series of 15 wins in a row until a match that was destroyed by an opponent. It was injured on an unlimited period of time. He thought that everything was finally here with his career... but it was not like that. After 4 years that has not put a foot in any of the wrestling ring, IFF take an extended hand of help and he accepted it.


InRing Forum Federation

Black Flash in IFF

Black Flash at IFF Infernal 2008

BF champ 2

Black Flash as IFF Heavyweight Champion

Wrestling 365 Federation


In wrestling

Black Flash - Buzzsaw Kick

Black Flash hits a Buzzsaw Kick on Vasilica Toader

Black Flash - Dropkick

Black Flash performing a dropkick on Kyoto

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