Blake Judge
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Height 6'6
Weight 276 lbs.
Date of birth June 16th, 1975
Place of birth London, England
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Resides New York, NY
Billed from London, England
Trainer Unknown
High Impact Wrestling
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Debut April 2006 (CWF)
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Blake Judge (born June 16, 1975), is an enigmatic professional wrestler from London, England, well trained in Mixed Martial Arts. He is currently employed by High Impact Wrestling (HIW) having re-emerged in October 2006. He spent a record stint as Champion of the developmental federation of High Impact Wrestling, the now-defunct Championship Wrestling Federation

Wrestling career


Little is known of Judge's career before entering HIW's developmental federation. He is know to have wrestled in multiple smaller North American federations and frequently alludes to dominating periods as World Champion, but these federations have since folded and been lost in the mists of time. He also has extensive experience in the media world, having hosted a small-time radio show 'Jawing with Judge.'

Championship Wrestling Federation

Blake Judge arrived in CWF in April, 2006 - wrestling his first match on the 30th of that month. Teamed with Robert Mayne in a partnership that would later be reprised as 'Hard Justice,' Judge got off to a winning start. He used his increasing profile while in CWF to pursue a career in Hollywood, and starred in a flop sci-fi B-Movie, 'It Came To Devour The Earth.' His performances increased and he won a number one contendership for the HIW/CWF TV Title shortly before the 2006 I-Crown got under way. The progress of the tournament delayed the title opportunity, but upon defeat at the hands of the dominant HIW World Champion, Axis, Judge fought and defeated Ryan Plant to capture his first HIW championship. Going on to defeat all and sundry, Judge racked up a record-breaking 8 week reign, making him the longest-reigning CWF champion in history. He also amassed an impressive 4 successful title defences before losing the title to Johnny Hollywood, disappearing from sight for two months.

High Impact Wrestling

Re-emerging at the Hell on Earth PPV in 2006, Judge proceeded to assist his friend Jack Logan in retaining his World Title against Seth Hudson. He has been revealed to be a convicted fraudster, and spent an unknown amount of time imprisoned with Logan. Since his return to HIW, he has demonstrated a ruthless violent streak and a smattering of sadism - he has been implicated in out-of-ring attacks on Seth Hudson and Paller Blaze. After Logan rejected his overboard friendship, Judge interefered in yet another Logan/Hudson title match at Redemption 2006, contributing to Logan's loss of the World Title. Worse was yet to come that evening, however, as Judge seemed to be complicit in the return of Logan's nemesis, the equally cerebral Kael Stanton.


Finishing Moves

  • The Verdict (Crucifix Driver/Spread-Eagled Tombstone)
  • The Scales of Justice (Straight Jacket Submission Hold)

Rare Finishers

  • Argentine Driver/Reverse Verdict
  • Bound Piledriver
  • Justice Driver
  • Reverse Shooting Star Elbow
  • Death Sentence

Signature Moves

  • 3/4 Facelock Legsweep
  • One Stop Drop
  • Half Nelson
  • Thinking Man's Spear
  • Criminal Descent
  • Flashback
  • Theory of Devolution


  • "The Judge"
  • "Master of Mindgames"
  • "Justice"
  • "Media Hero"

Theme Music

  • "Follow" by Incubus
  • "Megalomaniac" by Incubus (Disused)

Championship Succession

HIW Television Title
Preceded by:
Ryan Plant
July 2 --> August 27 Succeeded by:
Johnny Hollywood

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