BloodSucker is an Australian professional wrestler currently competing in PrYde Wrestling. He made a successful debut on May 20, defeating Nigel De Lousa.

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Height 6'7"
Weight 275 lbs
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Place of birth Melbourne, Australia
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Resides Melbourne, Australia
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PrYde Wrestling
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Personal Background

Grew up in Australia as an orphan. Never found out who his real parents were. Often took to the streets and had to fend for himself. Became a well known street fighter and respected within his small community. When his girlfriend was killed at age 17 he went silent and disappeared for a year until resurfacing as a much different person. He had bulked up and matured a lot. He was seen in a pub brawl by an EFW publisher and they liked what they saw so they took him in.

Career Background

Started in EWF and quickly moved up the ranks. When the fed closed he moved to RDWF where we became an instant Superstar. Came close to the World Title but it always eluded him. His inexperience and impatience was the only things holding him back. The fed went bankrupt so he ventured to RXR where he was a common household name. Differences between himself and the owner lead to Blood being hit by a steam-roller. People thought he was dead but two years later he resurfaced from the dead with a steel plate in his head. He is now back for revenge and the World title that has forever avaded him.

Championships and accomplishments


Finishing and signature moves

  • The Bloody End - (Flying Headbutt From Top Rope)
  • Suck of Death -

Entrance Music

  • PrYde - "Killing In the Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine

Pro Wrestling record

2-1 (wins-losses)
Result Opponent Event Title Date Title Match Type
Win Alexander T. Monroe PrYde Vindication June 12, 2008 PrYde Evolution Championship Tournament Singles
Loss Insomniac PrYde Vindication May 29, 2008 PrYde Anarchy Championship Singles
Win Nigel De Lousa PrYde Vindication May 20, 2008 None Singles

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