Bo Mundine
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Bo Mundine]]
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Date of birth January 25, 1983
Place of birth Melbourne, Australia
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Billed from Melbourne, Australia
Trainer No-one
Notorious Wrestling Federation (September, 2007 - Present) Underground Wrestling Federation (October, 2007 - Present)
Minor Fed
Handled by Bo H
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Debut Underground Wrestling Federation's Destruction on a Platter (October, 14th 2007)
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Bo Mundine is a professional wrestler, currently signed to Notorious Wrestling Federation and he also currently is the owner of Underground Wrestling Federation


Bo Mundine was born in Melbourne, Australia on January the 25th of 1983 at 5:00am. At an early age, he was always wrestling with his father, and his hero at the time was Hulk Hogan. At the age of 6, Bo was taught the skills he was going to need by his father, who was once a champion himself. When he was 10, his dad signed him up to a junior wrestling federation to test Bo's skills. Bo did wonderful in the federation, and was once a Junior Champion. At the age of 14, Bo's career was put on hold, as his father apparently had cancer, and was given a year to live. For a whole year, Bo cared for his father, until Bo's father sadly passed away. Ever since then, Bo has been training in his father's garage, getting stronger day by day. Before he joined Notorious Wrestling Federation, he started to work as an accountant, as he had to support his family. When Bo was 24, Bo received an email from his good friend, Sess, wanting to know if he wanted to join the Notorious Wrestling Federation. Bo replyed with a yes, and he got the details from Sess. Bo tried out, and was successful. Bo also created the Underground Wrestling Federation for new talent to show off their skills.

Finishing Moves

  • The Mundine Effect

(A clothesline from Hell/Atomic Leg Drop combination)

Entrance Song

  • I Aint Your Savior by Bullets And Octane (September 2007 to October 2007)
  • Survive by Rise Against (October 2007 to present)

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