Bobby Digital
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One of the early, yet most successful students of The Big 'E'. Hired and trained under the name Flex Kavana, Bobby learned the ropes of professional wrestling. Quickly grasped the concept and became the UCF Television Champion in his 4th match. His 5th match he defeated UCF Legend, Cowboy From Hell for the UCF World Title. Bobby only defended the title once in a lost to future RWW/NEW Hall of Famer, Stupac. In the lost Bobby tore an ACL. After vigorous rehab, Bobby dropped the Flex gimmick and returned as Bobby Digital with a sworn hatred for Stupac. Bobby went on to capture the UCF TV Title on three more occasions before defecting UCF. After that Bobby had a brief stint in TPWF where captured the TPWF Intercontinental Title from Stupac as well as winning the TPWF Tag titles with long-time friend Social Misfit. After TPWF shut down, The Big E himself called Bobby and informed him about a new place opening called the FWA. FWA had a minor circuit called the FWA-IEF in which it groomed all of its wrestlers to be prepared for the grand opening of FWA. In the last week of the FWA-IEF, Bobby defeated former mentor, The Big E for the FWA-IEF Hardcore Title.

During Bobby's time in FWA, he had one of the most heated rivalries ever with one-time mentor, The Big E. Bobby and long-time friends, Jason Craven, Social Misfit, and Chico Broheem went on to form one of the most dangerous stables to ever exist; The Supreme Clientele. FWA started taking Bobby serious after the introduction of the Supreme Clientele, so he began getting more higher profile matches. In Bobby's last match in FWA, he defeated The Big E and Brandon Kayros for the FWA Hardcore Title.

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