Bomb Of Wrestling
Promotion HEW
Date March 30, 2006
Venue Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
City Los Angeles,California
Attendance 14,500
Pay-per-view chronology
N/A Bomb Of Wrestling Matter Of Time
Bomb Of Wrestling chronology
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Bomb Of Wrestling was the First Ever pay-per-view event from the Hardcore Extreme Wrestling.It took place on March 30, 2006 at The Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena,In Los Angeles,California.The tagline for this event was The Extreme Back.The Official Theme Song Was "Just Like You" By 3 Days Grace.3 Days Grace Also Preform Live "Riot" For "The Leg Breaker" Eliel And "The DownMan" Aidan Entrance,And Kittie Preform Live "Run Like hell" For The Riders Of Storm Entrance


  • Alex Knox def. Kel Knox, Sam Bang, Rain Of Gold, D.R.B and Bobby D in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match(15:23)
    • Alex Knox won by climbing a ladder and grabbing the briefcase hanging above the ring.
  • Kratos defeated. umaga to win the HEW Intergalactical Championship(5:27)
    • Kratos win umaga after kratos bomb
  • Alex Shelly and Jimmy Rave Def. The Riders Of Storm(Death And War(W/Silver Demon)) And Defended The HEW Tag Team Championship(10:34)
    • Rave Pin Death After Shellshock From Shelly And Gretings From Ghana
  • Kane Def. Mark Hanry In Last Man Standing Match(10:58)
    • Kane Won After Henry Couldn't Answer The 10 Count
  • Lita Won An Open Women Gauntlet.Other Participant:Trish Stratus,Mickie James,Candice Michelle,Ashley And Shadowslut(C) And Won The HEW Women's Championship(20:22)
  • Bobby Lashley Def. John Cena(30:00)
    • Lashly Pin Cena After Powerslam Through Announce Table
  • The Undertaker Def. Edge,Batista And Mr Kennedy In A Hell In A Cell Match(28:54)
    • Undertaker Pin Kennedy After Last Ride From The Cell Roof Through Announce Table
  • Eliel(The HEW World Heavyweight Title) And Aidan(The HEW Champion) Def. Brock Lesner And Goldberg And Big Show And The Great Khali In Triple Tag Team Elimination(35:40)
    • Lesner Eliminaited After Platinom Bomb From Eliel(10:28)
    • Goldberg Eliminated After Chockbomb From Khali(15:26)
    • Big Show Eliminated After Holyline From Eliel(25:46)
    • Khali Eliminated After The Ice Age Blast From Aidan(35:40)
      • Eliel's World Title And Aidan HEW Title Were On The Line,And The Wrestler Who Pin The World/HEW Champion Won The Title