Real Name Bonsai Magpie
Ring Names Bird Man (3W)
Height 5'5
Weight 112 lbs
Date of Birth 27 June 1987
Place of Birth Osaka, Japan
Now Residing Liverpool, England
Wrestling Style High Flying, Striking
In-ring Debut Not yet matched

Bonsai Magpie is the name of an e-wrestler who competes in Full Metal Wrestling. He spends his spare time watching hentai porn and playing games in which hentai pictures are the reward. He also competes in free running championships. ¬_¬


Bonsai Magpie was born in Japan in 1987. He was born with a disformity, he was shorter than average and had a large flap of skin under his arms. Though people, even his own family shunned him for this, the anomaly in his body is more of a help than a hindrance. The skin flap severely reduces the abaility to perform technical and powerful moves, however his ariel fighting was improved greatly.

Bonsai trained in the martial arts with Master Kek in Japan. He is a fighter, but more than that an acrobat. His agility more than made up for his size, he would often compete in free running challenges and be successful. He was also a champion at martial arts, the base for his fighting style. When his master succumed to cancer, Bonsai set out to fight in the big leagues.

Bonsai is in it for the win. He won't give his second best for any price, even his own well being.

Bonsai Backstage

Behind stage Bonsai is quite and secluded. He spends time enjoying himself and training. His charming personality and quirks make him a hit with the ladies, but he can't seem to keep in a stable relationship. Perhaps through fighting he hopes to win the favour of somebody.

He is a new wrestler and has not many friends in the business. In time he may jon with others in the fight but for now he seems something of a lone ranger.

New Era Wrestling

Not Fought

Full Metal Wrestling

Not entered

Wrestling Facts

Theme Music

  • "I wish i could fly” by Orville. (New Era Wrestling.)
  • ”” by . ()
  • "" by . (Full Metal Wrestling.)

Finishing Moves

  • Bird's Nest Drop - Combination roudhouse kick to the jaw into jumping knee drop to the neck when opponent falls.
  • Eye of the Magpie - Corkscrew missile dropkick.


  • Axe Drop.
  • Super kick.
  • Straight punches.
  • Dropkick.
  • Shuffle Side Kick
  • Diving Headbutt.
  • Scissor kick.
  • Double eye jab.
  • Monkey flip.
  • Drop toehold.
  • DDT.
  • Stunner.
  • Snake eyes.
  • Spinebuster.
  • Powerbomb.
  • Standing hurricanrana
  • Divning hurricanrana.
  • The Gore.
  • Diving bulldog.
  • Uppercut.
  • Diving Spinning Chop.
  • Suicide dive.
  • Senton Bomb.
  • Missile dropkick.
  • Flying clothesline. (Kane.)
  • Walking the top rope.
  • Double/Triple jump moonsault.
  • And many more…


Bonsai mixes a range of high flying and striking techniques into his style so as his physique does not allow for technical or power moves.

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