The Braddock County Prison Farm, aka "The Farm," houses all Braddock County inmates, male and female, and is run by Sheriff Fenton Washburn. It includes an interrogation facility that was reportedly the federal government's model for Guantanamo Bay. Inmates work six days a week, performing various construction and maintenance chores for the county and its towns and cities. In addition, they perform actual farm work, growing all their own vegetables and raising sod which is sold for golf courses around Texas.

Several WNWA personalities have been imprisoned there. A few have done multiple stints at "The Farm."


Washburn chain gang

Sheriff Washburn keeps a close eye on the Braddock County Prison Farm chain gang.

Chain gang2

Two sheriff's deputies keep watch over the chain gang as they make repairs to the Braddock and DFW Railroad.

Jaw chain gang

Problem inmates are forced to wear more than just leg irons.

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