Image of Bravado
Real name {{{realname}}}
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Height 6'1"
Weight 232 lbs
Date of birth {{{birth_date}}}
Place of birth London, England
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Resides New York
Billed from London, England
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xtreme Wrestling organization
EPW, REW, WWE HaVoc, Worchester University, WWA
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Debut December 2002 in EPW
Retired {{{retired}}}


- Sharpe-Shooter - German Suplex - Delayed Verical Suplex - Northan Lights Suplex - Standing Enziguri - Knife Edge Chop - Shooting Star Press - Standing Moonsault - Spear - Running Lariat - Triangle Choke - Old Skool - Impailer DDT - Swinging Neck-Breaker - Single Leg Boston Crab - Cannonball Twister ( Corkscrew Senton / Corkscrew Leg Drop ) - 3 Seconds Of Glory ( Twist Of Fate ) - Spring Board Enziguri - Snap Matrix (Running STO)


  • Super Matrix (Top Rope STO)
  • Matrix (STO)

Wrestlers Biography

Brief History He graduated Worchester University & was signed by EPW to a development contract with EWF after 5 monthes there he was puched to EPW Eclipse! where he became dominate . He left EPW after 3 years & 16 titles to join WWE HaVoc after a brief but entertaining spell at HaVoc he was fired for asualting Vince McMahon he then went to REW where he was once again dominate but left to re join EPW where he is now though he is setting up WWA & is on & off in xWo

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