Wrestler's Name Brett Banner
Alias(es) "The brutal", "The Brute", "The Brutal One" (because he's hairy, aggressive looking and a relentless submission specialist), "The Serial Thrilla" (probably best used when making his entrance + doing particularly crowd pleasing moves)
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 225Ibs
Entrance Music "Serial Thrilla" by The Prodigy
Hometown Birmingham, England
Wrestling Style Technical and Submission
Profile Age: 30

Basic Description

Has a phoenix tattoo on his back, dragon tattoo on his upper right arm and a shark tattoo on his upper left arm. Has a shaven head and goatee and those white contact lenses as sported by Viscera and Rey Mysterio.

Wrestles bare(and hairy!)chested, with deep blue trousers which have a large, red dragon design winding up the right calf.

On his hands are deep blue wrist supports, and he tapes his fingers (like Ric Flair/HHH) with red tape.

He has anger management issues, getting frustrated when a match doesn't go his way. Recently however, he is putting a lot of effort into not losing his temper so that he can remain focused.

Titles Held: TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion - Survivor Series (27/11/05) - to 30/01/06

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