Brian Storm is an infamous Irish wrestler, who was raised by his uncle, Chris Haas. At age 18 Brian (Haas) Storm wrestled under the Alias, Power Riot, in Eastern Championship Cabnet. There he wrestled for the next 5 years, changing Alias'. At age 23 Brian wrestled for Global Syndicate Wrestling, known as Brian Haaris, his uncles Manager. Brian injured his Knee in late 2005 against Alex Johnson in a Cage match and was inactive for a few months. Brian showed up at Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment, known as Brian Storm, whilst at the same time, wrestling at Southern Championship Wrestling. Forming a bond with SCW owner, Ryan Cox, Brian semi-retired and worked wit Ryan's Writing team. In late 2006 Brian reappeared in the Wrestling scene, known as The Bowery Martyr,in the new federation, Channel X. At the same time, Brian opened his own Federation, under the name Gangrel. He still manages that federation (Extreme Combat Zone). Brian offially retired on April 13, 2007, after his Uncle Chris Haas was admitted into hospital.

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