Brick Carver is a professional wrestler currently competing in PrYde Wrestling. Carver has been in PrYde since it's inception and has held both the PrYde Anarchy Championship and PrYde Extreme Tag Team Championships.

Brick Carver
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Height 6'
Weight 242 lbs
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Place of birth Chicago, IL
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Resides Chicago, IL
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PrYde Wrestling
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Promotions Wrestled for

Background Information

Brick is a former bouncer for a Chicago night club located downtown on State Street. Fighting on the streets since he was 14, Brick has grown up to be a tough man physically and emotionally. Having love for the booze, Brick was fired from his night job as a bouncer for dislocating a man's eye socket for no apparent reason. So out of work and looking to feed his habit, Brick sought out a business where doing harm to individuals was the idea. Having signed a contract with the new up start wrestling federation Pryde, Brick hopes to reach the main event and in process have a good time doing it... Booze and all.

Championships and Accomplishments

Finishing and Signature Moves

  • Lights Out - (Black Hole Slam)
  • Headbutt

Entrance Music

  • PrYde - "Decadence" by Disturbed

Pro Wrestling Record

11-11-1 (wins-losses-draws)
Result Opponent Event Title Date Title Match Type
Loss James Hughes PrYde Vindication 5/29/2008 None Singles
Loss Cody Scott and Tommy Guns Full Throttle PrYde Fatal Fool's Day 4/5/2008 PrYde Extreme Tag Team Championships Hardcore Tag Team
Loss Validus Eversor PrYde Vindication 3/25/2008 None Singles
Loss (w/James Hughes and Harley Reigns) Chris Moore and Shatter-X (Chaos Inc.) PrYde Vindication 3/11/2007 None 2-on-3 Handicapped
Loss Insomniac PrYde Vindication 3/4/2008 PrYde Anarchy Championship Triple Threat
Win Chris Elwin and Adam York (Adrenaline Rush) PrYde Ruthless Intentions 2/23/2008 PrYde Extreme Tag Team Championships Tag Team
Win (w/ James Hughes) Trey Ortega PrYde Vindication 2/12/2008 PrYde Extreme Tag Team Championships Tag Team
Loss Harley Reigns PrYde Vindication 6/4/2007 None Four-way Elimination/Hardcore
Loss Joey Diamonds PrYde Vindication 5/14/2007 #1 Contender for the Evolution Title Hardcore Match
Loss Joey Diamonds PrYde Vindication 5/7/2007 None 10-man battle royal
Loss Bruiser and Shatter-X (The British Nation) PrYde Vindication 4/30/2007 2nd Rd. of Tag Team Tournament Tag Team
Win Holy Diver and Mayor West (The Wild Ones) PrYde Vindication 4/16/2007 1st Rd. of Tag Team Tournament Tag Team
Loss Harley Reigns PrYde Vindication 4/9/2007 PrYde Anarchy Championship Hardcore
Win Havik/Jason Snyder PrYde Fatal Fools Day 4/1/2007 PrYde Anarchy Championship Triple Threat
Win Redface Rodgers/Brodie Lee PrYde Vindication 3/12/2007 PrYde Anarchy Championship Hardcore Match
Win James Hughes PrYde Vindication 2/26/2007 PrYde Anarchy Championship Hardcore Match
Loss Gother and Holy Diver (The Wild Ones) PrYde Vindication 2/19/2007 None Tag Team
Win Havik PrYde Vindication 2/12/2007 None Hardcore
Win Koko/Mutilated/Havik PrYde Ruthless Intentions 2/4/2007 None Barbed Wire Cage
Win (grabbed Kendo Stick) N/A PrYde Vindication 1/22/2007 Chance at Anarchy Title Battle Royal Ladder Match
Draw Might Mick PrYde Vindication 1/15/2007 None Drunken Street Fight
Win Koko/Havok PrYde Vindication 1/8/2007 None Triple Threat Hardcore
Win Koko PrYde Vindication 1/1/2007 None Singles

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