The Bronze Challenge featured on Gods and Heretics Wrestling in May of 2007, there are hopes for this to become an annual event. The Bronze Challenge was concocted by Punk & Hyperion as a way for them to prove their dominance over the rest of the Bronze Tag Team division. Punk & Hyperion had just won the titles for a second time, defeating Rock Skull in a best of three falls match. Punk & Hyperion along with Zantazm introduced the Bronze Challenge. All the teams in the Bronze Division would get a shot at the champions over a month.

The Opening Rounds

In the opening rounds all the teams in the division would face off in a normal tag match against the champions. The Champions would try to defeat all comers and hence prove their dominance. The Challengers would be trying to get a victory over the Champions, with every team that was able to get a victory moving on to The Rumble. The Champions would face one challenger on each show throughout the month, meaning the champions would fight two to three times a week against fresh opponents.

The Rumble

After the Opening rounds, any teams that had managed to get a victory over the champions were placed into a rumble. This rumble was in general Tag Team rules, with multiple teams present. The last team standing after eliminations would be victorious and move onto face the Champion at the Pay Per View.

To the Victors the Spoils

The winner of the Bronze Rumble, would now be a true Number one contender. They would go to the Pay Per view and face the Champions.


The first and only winners of the Bronze Challenge to date are the Blood Brothers. They however lost to Punk & Hyperion at NeXus in May 2007.

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