Brooke Araneta
Real name Brooke Araneta
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Height 5'7
Weight 120 lbs.
Date of birth May 7, 1987
Place of birth Manila, Philippines
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Trainer Kiana Araneta
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Debut November 2005
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Brooke Araneta (born May 7, 1987) is a Professional Wrestler of Filipino decent, better known for being Kiana's lil sis. Brooke is currently taking some well needed time off. Prior to her splash into professional wrestling, she experienced a great deal of success as a teenage model alongside her sisters.

Early life

The middle child of three, Brooke has followed in her sister's foot steps from day one. After being trained by Kiana, Brooke went to the ACW where her wrestling career started. She then made her way from there all the way to the NWA-TNA, where she started wreslting as a team with her sister Kiana, where she became one half of the Women's Tag Team Champion with her sister. But in her spare time she started traning her kid sister Naomi. Once she felt confident in Naomi's ability she brought Naomi to the NWA-TNA, to rule with Kiana and her. The Araneta's career started taking off in different directions so Brooke decided to head to the ROH, where once again her and her sisters would team together. It is here that she would meet ROH superstar Tony Mullen and leave her husband for him. After Kiana's fiancee Cody was screwed over they all decided it was time to leave. She then joined the GWE with her sister Kiana. It was there that they both would get their careers on track. Like so many good companies, two female commissioners, Carnation O'Niell and Tatianna Williams would come in and try to destroy the Aranetas, causing the closing of the doors. Alongside Kiana, Brooke would make her way back to the ROH, in due time however her over bearing father would have his way and bring Brooke and younger sister Naomi back home to the Philippines.

Finishing and Trademark Moves

Biotch Slap™(slap in face)

Championships and Accomplishments

Top 5 Nwa-Tna Rper, Nwa-Tna Diva Tag Team Champion (with Brooke Araneta), ROH top 5 rper GWE top 5 rper

Personal life

  • Little is known about the where about of Brooke since her departure from the US.
  • In her own time, Brooke tries to get better and tries to improve her wrestling skills and abilities. .


This character is intended for efedding purposes only and is in no way related to Alyssa Milano. Alyssa's pic is used as a base image.

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