Brooke McQueen, born February 2nd, 1984 is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Fearless Championship Wrestling and Evolution Wrestling.

Brooke McQueen
Real name Brooke Patricia McQueen
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs.
Date of birth 2 February 1984
Place of birth Pasadena, California
Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides Athens, Greece
Billed from {{{billed_from}}}
Trainer Nora Greenwald
eW and FcW
GWE, NWA Tri-State, OWO, pHw, ROH
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Debut 2004
Retired {{{retired}}}

Fearless Championship Wrestling

Brooke McQueen made her debut on an edition of FcW Monday Night Murder Scene in which she would align herself with the rising star John Cavanagh. Shortly there after Brooke McQueen would find herself as the first FcW World Women's Champion since the re-opening of the Fearless Championship Wrestling. She would compete at the 2007 FcW Dearly Departed in a losing effort to Sevrena who would become the Women's Champion.

Sevrena and Brooke continued onward in their rivalry when at the 2007 FcW Ground Zero event Cavanagh would actually knock Brooke out with the Women's Championship allowing Sevrena to retain the championship, as Cavanagh would then make off with his newest vixen. The following month Brooke and Sevrena would continue on their rivalry, until Brooke suffered a (legit) ankle injury.

Brooke McQueen would return to the Fearless Championship Wrestling with a new romantic interest in Robbie Priest. McQueen would also fall, once again, for John Cavanagh as they would begin creeping behind the back of Robbie Priest, having their own "love interests". Brooke would go on to regain the Women's Championship in a triple threat match which involved Amber Raines and Sevrena, it would later be unified in a First Blood match at the 2007 FcW Vote or Die against Robbie Priest with the Cruiserweight Championship in which Brooke cut herself wide open to end the match. Veritas would then declare a Double Flamings Table Match for their FcW World Tag Team Championships, which Veritas would retain.

Title History

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