"The Self-Made Man" Bryan Masterson
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Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 230 lbs
Date of birth May 22, 1986
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York
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Resides Brooklyn, New York
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Debut 2006 (PWA)
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Character Biography

After bustin' his ass over the Northern East Coast indy feds BD Barlow got his break and started out in the PWA with a very big shadow looming over him, his brother Phantom Lord. Hoping to make his own name for him Barlow mistakenly allied himself with Showshoppa and his plan to bring back Phantom Lord to the PWA. But after failing to do so Barlow disbanded himself from Stoppa and began to find himself. He found out he had an uncle, Bat Masterson, that was a legendary law figure in the old west. So he ditched the Barlow name and started to use the Masterson name. After being trained by the legendary Funk brothers and adapting the Spinning Toe Hold in his move set he saw a chance to finally break free of Phantom's shadow and make a name for himself.

Character Move Set

“Bensonhurst Wipeout” - Spinning Sleeper Slam

“New York Uppercut” - European Uppercut (A nice setup move for the Last Exit)

“Candido Special” – Top Rope Powerbomb


Rapid-fire Chops (Kobashi style)

Cobra Clutch

“Blanchard Special” - Slingshot Suplex

Released Dragon Suplex

Rolling German Suplexes

Northern Lights Suplex

Primary Finisher(s)

“Peacemaker” - Spinning Toe Hold

The Last Exit to Brooklyn (Powerbomb into a Diamond Cutter)

Secondary Finisher(s)

The Requiem (Fireman's Carry setup into a sitdown Powerbomb)


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