Buck Pelletier
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Buck Pelletier]]
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Ring Names The Buck, Meiko Marufuji, Shinsuke, Koshitsune, Sup3r Ninja.
Height Undisclosed
Weight Undisclosed
Date of birth April 7, Year undisclosed
Place of birth New Hampshire
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Society of Sim
WWE-Club SIM Federation, UnderGround Wrestling, Pain Stained to Wrestling, Immortals of Wrestling, Other various feds.
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Debut February 2005.
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Buck Pelletier, best known by the screen names Supakilla13 (WWE-Club), SOSBuck (SOS), and TheBuck (IOW, UGW, PSW, etc.) is an American Sim game handler, best known for being the founder, owner and booker of Society of Sim Wrestling, where he controlled wrestlers The Buck and Meiko Marufuji. He also controlled manager Shinsuke from Okinawa, the leader of Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai in SOS.

He is also working in WCSF. He used The Buck in WCSF until 2008, when he started using a new character, Sup3r Ninja.

He made his debut in February 2005.

Jobs held

Buck Pelletier has been a wrestler handler for WCSF, SOS, PSW, IOW, UGW, NGSW and various other feds, most of which he controlled his The Buck character. He has controlled Okinawan wrestler Meiko Marufuji, and Okinawan manager Shinsuke. Most recently, he controlled Sup3r Ninja in WCSF.

Buck is the founder, owner/promoter and booker of SOS. He has also been a co-founder and co-booker of NGSW, as well as a councilman for SWA.

On May 11, 2009, following the resignations of the WCSF moderators, WCSF veteran and former booker Tim AKA reyflyinfury619 sent Buck a PM, asking him to consider joining as a new moderator for WCSF. Buck told Tim on MSN the same day that he'd consider it. They agreed Buck would give Tim an answer in 2 days.

Roughly 5 hours after that conversation concluded, Tim officially announced the new WCSF moderators as NEDM, Str8shooter, Super-Heel-Liker, DarkAnthony720, Hanley and TheEclipse. Reportedly, Tim was told not to hire Buck by WCSF owner Bryan Eggers.

Soon after, Buck re-opened SOS. The revived SOS held its first show, ==SOS: From The Ashes==.


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