Bullet Bob
728057991 m
Real name Bobby Gray Whitaker
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Height 6'1
Weight 198 lbs.
Date of birth December 19, 1935
Place of birth
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Braddock, TX
Trainer Ass Butte
Handled by
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Debut 2006
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Bullet Bob (born Bobby Gray Whitaker on December 19, 1935), is a retired American professional wrestler known mostly for his stint in the WNWA.


Bullet Bob made his WNWA debut in the fall of 2006 as part of Daniel O. Agbor's Agbor Security, a splinter group of Agbor & Associates consisting of The Pizza Man, "Richard Nixon", and Regkind. Bullet Bob rarely wrestles, though he is seen as an enforcer behind the scenes in the WNWA and is a man not to be crossed. Bullet Bob decided to retire in February 2007 in order to pursue his dream of designing an airline for the Amish.

Personal Life and views

  • Bullet Bob is married and has four children.


  • Bullet Bob uses "Amazing Grace" as sung by the Primitve Quartet as his entrance music.
  • Bullet Bob crash landed Ass Butte's multi-million dollar Gulf Stream jet in July 2006 but walked away unharmed.




  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Country Whoopin'(mounted punches)
  • Kick to the Dick
  • Regular moves
  • Punch

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