This wrestler debuted on CGS wrestling on Saturday the 5th of April 2008. He is still only on the CGS Wrestling E-fed, but that may change. He wrestles on the CGS Wrestling brand Mayhem on a Friday. His first match was in a four way journey for the tag-team championship. He was partnered with geo and the other three teams in the race were Daniel Blaze and Aaron Kendrick, Stilla Killa and Mike Zilla, and Marz Homie and Dan Travolta. He developed a relationship with Stephen davids, co-GM of CGS Wrestling, as his bodyguard. However, after losing his first match Davids attacked him and it is presumed their relationship has broken off.

Burt is now scheduled for another tag match with splitfire against Can Man and Man Beast for the CGS Wrestling Tag Titles.


He grew up in London, England in a tough neighbourhood. He wrestled in an English wrestling assosciation and held the UK hardcore championship twice. he then went on to wrestle in Europe, becoming the three-time Xtreme champion. He is currently 24 and is planning a career in wrestling.

Signature and finishing moves

Finisher moves:

Death Spike - Brain buster from top rope

Heart stopper - Springboard Clothesline

Neck snapper - Inseguri

Signature moves:

Runaway train - Suicide dive from inside ring to outside

Two feet in the grave - Diving double foot stomp

Neck snapper - Inseguri




Splash from springboard

Three uppercuts followed by a headbutt

Slingshot Splash

German Suplex

With Weapons:

DDT onto thumbtacks

Whip with thick metal chain

Smash beer bottle over head of opponent

Spit beer in opponents face

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