'BBJ' would be the man to take control of New Way Wrestling following the mysterious, and sudden departure of its founder Korner, who was never to be heard from again.

A former wrestler himself specialising in hardcore environments, Brian Justin had just finished up with his wrestling career and settled into his post as TakeDown's general manager, following the removal of former commissioner 'Charles Harder'.

Justin would continue to GM TakeDown for over a year until he was finally ousted from his position by Danny Tenegra. TakeDown shows had started to become stale and slightly predictable, many workers were frustrated with how the show had focused too much on being 'Family Friendly' and how management had even tried insisting that wrestlers didn't bleed on TV.

It was a strange time for NWW, with the world at its feet. It needed a change, a shake-up.

Despite this rather acrimonious fall-out however, Brian Justin is still remembered fondly by many of his peers and fans, and the time he put into New Way Wrestling is unlikely to ever be forgotten.

As a wrestler, BBJ's grandest achievement was winning a GWF Heavyweight Title, shortly before retiring to become TakeDown's first General Manager.

His final two matches (Post retirement) came against both Danny Richards, and Insomnia after having originally played a major part in the early days of their bitter feud that would span three different companies.

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