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Johnny Reb


He's a pathological liar and too many drugs caused him to come up with many of these stories.  He was a "fall guy" in Mid South Wrestling and he MAYBE wrestled about 30 matches and only one a couple of them.  

He claims people such as Terry Taylor, Undertaker and Lex Luger are close and personal friends but when each of them were asked about Barrett, none of them had heard of him.  

Here's his drug induced story:  (Remember, he's a pathological liar and lives in a world full of dreams and imagination)

Johnny Reb/ AKA Byron Barrett. Meet the real JohnnyReb!

Born in Louisiana 9/16/64. He was raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Byron played Pro Football NFL/USFL


Byron/ aka Johnny Reb was trained by the great Jack Curtis Jr./ Kenny Massey. Johnny Reb's was introduced on television for the first time in Memphis Tennessee, at the Mid South Colliseum. Jeff Jarrett said, "You got your boot's green horn?", with a big smile. Thinking this is it. Johnny Reb took the worst whipping of his life.

Byron Barrett was fresh out of pro football and he thought he was a bad ass. Little did he know he would be blown up and out of breath and energy within seconds. Mean Mark, now known as the Undertaker and the Road Dog, tagged in and out for what seemed like it would never end. Over and over until Johnny Reb tagged Ken Massey/ Mr. Nasty. Johnny Reb was invited back the next tapping, On that Saturday morning, Johnny Reb hit the locker room and all the boys laughed. They were saying, "what's up Mr. NFL?. Knowbody wanted to work with Him! Finally Kerry VonErick stepped in and tapped Johnny Reb on the shoulder and said "hey big man, screw them! I'll work with you! "and he did!

Yes...Johnny Reb took the hits and he made the hot tag. He still got pinned and they went over, but Kerry led them out of the dark and broke Johnny Reb in. Lolly Dude and Johnny Reb reclaimed the Mid South Wrestling and brought in Terry Taylor to book. They soon were up and running the south like the old days.

Dick Murdock, The Fantastics, Tommy Rodgers and Bobby Fulton, Skandar Ahkbar, Jake Foberts, Sam Houston, The Late Great Angel of Death, Dusty Wolf, Ken Massey, Booker T, Stevie Ray, Disco Infirno, Jimmy Valentine, Buddy Landel, Stan Hansen, Rude Dog, Rainbow Brown, Kerry VonErick, Kevin VonErick, Rock and Roll Express, Buddy Rodgers, Hercules Hernandez, Scott Putsky, just to name a few!

At the 5 star Championship Wrestling. Johnny Reb worked with Dick Murdock as a tag. Then WCW as Johnny Reb and under the hood as the Assassins, with the Angel of Death. Byron Barrett tagged and single from 1988 until 2000 as the one and only Johnny Reb. He was many figures in wrestling, with and without the hood, and he worked with many of the greats!

No Back Yard wanna be wreslter, known to us as Mark, can claim to be a wrestler!

He is and always will be Johnny Reb.

When you are in a battle royal with the Junk Yard Dog, Doctor Death Steve Williams, The Fantastics, Dick Murdock, Terry Taylor, Hercules Hernandes and The Great VonErick Family, you have made your mark, period!

He did! He is the Real Johnny Reb/ AKA Byron Barrett

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