Caw Blood Wrestling
Acronym CBW
Established 2007
Based Boston,Massachusetts(show),Brighton, England(founded)
Active 2007–Present
Style CAW Wrestling
Owner Mattloveswrestling
Chairman shootinstar13

Caw blood wrestling is a e-fed made to give people a sense of what the blood and sweat in side the ring can feel like


Caw blood wrestling was thought up by Mattloveswrestling while watching URWL's Asphyxiation 2007 which gave him the idea to make his own league he then set out making the creation's the first show was took down five day's after being put up but it already peaked 1000 views the match was between "The evolution of man" Lovell Matthews vs M.B.H Which was won by M.B.H with his finisher breaking the ice.

Youtube Era

CBW should be on Youtbe by January at the latest

SuperCard Events

Male Roster

Female Roster

  • Crisse Clean CBW Women's Champion
  • Stace
  • Kimberly O'Conners

Tag Team Roster

  • The Hardkore Brits (M.B.H & Jay Van De Burgh)
  • The Toronto Tornado's(Gareth Makrish & Rob Wisen)
  • The Brooklyn Boyz (DL Perkins & Jessie Gee)
  • 666 (Troy Ramerez & Todd Jakson & Ricardo Delgardo when trio)


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