CEW Chaos Championship


The Chaos Championship is the CEW's answer to what other feds would call a hardcore match. The title has existed since the CEW's inception and is one of the most sought after titles, perhaps even more that the CEW World Championship. Chaos refers to the fact that no contestant knows what kind of match they'll be taking part in until the night of match when it is determined at random by a bingo wheel with different stipulations written on the balls inside. Though notably similar to certain "roulette" nights found on rival Monday night broadcasts, the CEW Chaos Championship predates any such night. Boletus Maximus claims it to be a poor imitation.


There may be some inaccuracies and missing things, compiled from what remains of available documents from the older days of CEW.

CEW Chaos Championship
Kevin Krazyvacant01/??/99 (*1)
The ZombieC-Cool03/??/99
Mr. LanceDemon04/??/99
OponokRedKnox10/??/99 (*2)
Punkvacant10/??/99 (*3)
DMX (2)vacant01/??/00 (*4)
Michael "The Demon" Creed(2)DMX01/??/00
Job HoundCreed02/??/00 (*5)
RedKnox (2)Aryan03/??/00 (*6)
Earnest Cuttershawvacant02/25/04 (*7)
Sintinilvacant02/25/08 (*8)


  • 1. Kevin Krazy won the vacant title in a tournament.
  • 2. This match was a "Chain Mail Match". Oponok forfeits the title immediately after winning.
  • 3. Punk wins the vacant title.
  • 4. DMX wins the vacated title after Punk forfeits it due to a knee injury.
  • 5. Job Hound became Chaos champion after Demon gave him the title while Punk was out injured.
  • 6. CEW closes with RedKnox as CEW Chaos Champion.
  • 7. Earnest "Can Do" Cuttershaw defeats Typhon in a ladder match to win the vacant title.
  • 8. Sintinil won the vacant title in a tournament which included a pie eating contest.

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