The newest title in the Championship Wrestling Federation, the Global Championship is the lowest rung of the CWF hierarchy. Considered a 'midcard' title, this is specifically designed for wrestlers who need to improve before they reach the main event.

Championship History

At Blind Justice. In an extremely close match, The Boss managed to pull Sergeant Eversmann over the top rope with a headscissors, dropping him to the mat below and picking up the victory. The Boss became the fist official Global Champion and held the title until August 12, 2007, where he lost the belt in a triple threat match on Ignition, to Joey Greco. The belt has since been vacated, and a 6 man tournament was hosted to crown the new champion, which will conclude at the September Pay-Per-View Hellbound

Championship Record Book

Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler
The Boss 05/20/07 Vacant 84 Days
Joey Greco 08/12/07 The Boss 21 Days
Vacant 09/02/07 Joey Greco N/A
Mr. Amazo 09/30/07 Vacant 49 Days
Azrael 12/02/07 Vacant 28 days
The Jokester 01/06/08 Azrael 21 Days
Donald Dursley Titan 01/27/08 The Jokester Incumbent

Championship Defenses

The Boss d. Sgt. Eversmann, Josh Samuels, & Felipe Salarose by pinfall to become the first champion

The Boss (c) d. Nabeel Nawaz by pinfall at Americana

Joey Greco d. The Boss (c) & VND by pinfall on Ignition August 20, 2007

Joey Greco vacated the title

Mr. Amazo d. VND by pinfall at Hellbound

Mr. Amazo retire, thus vacating the belt.

Azrael def Johnny Gunn at Doomsday to become new Champion

The Jokester def. Azrael on January 6, 2008

Donald D. Titan def. The Jokester at Red Dawn

Championship Statistics

Longest Reign Shortest Reign Most Times Held
The Boss Tie:Joey Greco,The Jokester Joey Greco, The Boss, Mr. Amazo (1)

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