The CWF Tag Team Championships are the only tag team titles in the Championship Wrestling Federation. They are highly sought after because of this fact. They have only had one holder in their brief history.

Championship History

The CWF Tag Team Championships have only been contested twice, in a hotly fought contest between The Ringmaster and The Great Milenko of The Wicked Clowns, and the team of Deathbringer and Nightstalker.

When the bell rang, The Great Milenko gave his team an early advantage. Eventually, their opponents evened the score. When Nightstalker seemingly put the match away with a Mandible Slam, The Ringmaster broke up the pin at the last moment. When he wheeled to face his disruptor, Milenko school-boyed the monster for a three count, giving The Wicked Clowns their first-ever tag reign, and delivering a crushing defeat to the self-proclaimed Dark Alliance. The Alliance left the CWF shortly afterwards due to their embarrassment.

At the second CWF pay-per-view, No Man's Land, The Wicked Clowns put their titles on the line against The Corporation. Prior to the match, the stable's manager, Mr. Demonical, had been banned from ringside by Anthony Romeri, in order to protect the integrity of the match. The Wicked Clowns looked to be on top most of the match, but Demonical interfered and distracted the referee, allowing The Game to score the pinfall with a school-boy roll up. Demonical was shortly fired from his office position, which led to a violent altercation between himself and Romeri. The Enforcers were declared the new champions despite the interference.

At Americana, after weeks of no-shows, The Corporation was stripped of their tag team titles. 7 weeks later, during a special preview show for the Hellbound pay-per-view, Johnny Gunn, manager of the Brothers Dark tag team demanded, and was granted, the tag team titles under suspicious circumstances.

Championship Record Book

Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler Length of Reign
The Wicked Clowns 03/25/07 Vacant 56 Days
The Corporation 05/20/07 The Wicked Clowns 70 Days
Vacant 07/29/07 The Corporation N/A
The Brothers Dark 09/23/07 Vacant 7 Days
The Hard Corps. 09/30/07 The Brothers Dark 112 Days
The Untouchables 01/27/08 The Hard Corps. Unknown
The Hard Corps. Unknown The Untouchables Unknown

Championship Defenses

The Wicked Clowns d. The Dark Alliance by pinfall to become the first champions

The Wicked Clowns (c) d. The Dark Alliance by pinfall on Ignition April 1, 2007

The Corporate Enforcers d. The Wicked Clowns (c) by pinfall on Ignition May 20, 2007

The Corporate Enforcers vacated the titles

The Brothers Dark were awarded the titles

The Hard Corps d. The Brothers Dark (c) by pinfall at Hellbound

The Hard Corps vs The Untouchables goes to a no contest after The High Church interferes in the match

The Untouchables def. The Hard Corps at Red Dawn

Championship Statistics

Longest Reign Shortest Reign Most Times Held
The Hard Corps The Brothers Dark The Hard Corps(2)

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